How To Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filters

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As with any device, Dyson air purifiers work best when you maintain them well.

Not only does proper cleaning extend their lifespan, but it also maximizes the amount of pollutants and allergens removed from your indoor air.

The filter, in particular, has to be cleaned and replaced regularly to prevent the smog from re-circulating in your home.

This guide details how to clean Dyson air purifier filters, plus other important things like when and how to replace them.

Why Should You Clean Your Air Purifier Filter?

Like most air purifiers, your machine will work most efficiently when dust, pollen, pet dander, and other particulates don’t clog up the filter.

Cleaning your air purifier filter regularly is even more crucial if you or a family member has asthma, allergy, or respiratory conditions.

This way, you can rest assured that it is working as it should in keeping your loved ones safe.

How To Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filter: Step-by-Step

Since many pollutants get trapped in the filter, you will have to clean it regularly.

Thankfully, it is a quick and almost effortless process.

Step 1: Turn off your Dyson purifier.

Before anything else, you will want to make sure that you switch off your machine. As another layer of safety, disconnect it from the wall socket too.

Step 2: Remove the filter.

As you probably already know, Dyson offers several air purifiers. How you remove the filter depends on the model you own.

Most models, including the Dyson Pure Cool Tower, will have identical clips or locks on either side of the machine.

To detach the filter cover, simply push down both of the clips at the same time to release the outer covers.

If what you have is the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Purifier Fan, simply lift off the filter assembly and remove the shroud.

Step 3: Vacuum the filter.

Dyson is a brand touted for manufacturing exceptional modern and sleek air purifiers.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t have washable filters.

The reason? The majority of Dyson air purifiers make use of HEPA filters.

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate absorbing.

Unlike regular air filters, HEPA units contain sensitive components.

Among these components is carbon granules, which can get damaged when you wash or rinse the filter with water.

That said, the least you can do is use a vacuum cleaner.

Doing this should remove most of the trapped dirt in the filter, including dust and lint.

Step 4: Clean the rest of the air purifier.

Aside from the filter, it is important to clean the other parts of your Dyson air purifier too.

Particularly, focus on the fan enclosure and the filter shroud.

You can clean the bladeless fan enclosure by wiping it down with a soapy cloth.

You can also gently scrub tough stains if needed, but try your best to avoid scratching the finish.

Next, clean the filter shroud. Once detached from the filter, you can wipe the shroud with a soapy cloth or disinfecting wipes.

Then, dry it off with a clean microfiber towel or let it air dry for several minutes before reattaching to the machine.

Of course, you should also clean the sensor.

To do this, start by opening the hatch on the side of the machine. Then, use a cotton swab to clean the inside carefully.

Finish it all off by refitting the sensor hatch.

You should hear a clicking sound when you do, suggesting that you have successfully fitted the hatch back to the machine.

how to clean dyson air purifier filter

When Should You Replace Your Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

Dyson recommends replacing the filter every 12 months if you use it for an average of 12 hours a day.

Doing this not only ensures your air purifier stays clean but that it also runs efficiently.

If you use your machine for 24 hours every day, consider replacing the filter every six months.

Dyson filtration systems are quite expensive, selling for about $80 each. Even so, you can be sure that they are among the best in their class.

Because they are HEPA-rated, these filters can filter out 99.97% of fine particles from indoor air.

Furthermore, Dyson filters are warranted for 12 months, which means if there are defects in the filter, you can replace it with a new one.

How Do You Know if Your Dyson Air Purifier Needs Replacing?

If you are using the Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier, the machine will alert you on the display when it is time for you to replace the filter.

Alternatively, you can check it through the Dyson link app under Air. There, you will find exactly how many hours your Dyson filter has left.

Are you using a more recent model of the Dyson purifier?

If so, you will most likely purchase the Combi 360-degree Glass HEPA filter too.

Just to be sure, double-check the item description before adding it to your cart to see if it supports the Dyson air purifier you are using.

How to Replace Your Dyson Air Purifier Filter

To replace the filter with a new one, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure that the machine is unplugged.

Step 2: Next, press both buttons on the side of the filter shroud to lift the bladeless fan.

Step 3: Remove the old filter and dispose of it.

Put the old filter in a plastic bag, close and tape the bag, and throw it in a trash bin outside your home.

Step 4: Lower the new filter into the shroud or housing and attach the complete unit onto the main body.

Step 5: Next, lower the loop amplifier on the base until it clicks and locks.

Step 6: At this point, your machine is ready for use again, but don’t forget to reset the filter beforehand.

To do this, press and hold the power button on the remote control.

Once done, the new filter lifespan will automatically show on your Dyson app.

Watch this short video tutorial for replacing your Dyson air purifier filter.


Knowing how to clean Dyson air purifier filters is the only way to ensure your machine is working as it should.

However, since it’s classified as HEPA, you cannot wash it.

The best thing you can do is use a vacuum cleaner to remove trapped dust and dirt.

You should also replace the air filter after six or 12 months, depending on your usage.

Make sure you buy the Dyson HEPA filter that’s compatible with your machine.

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